Must-See Sights & Excursions in the Galápagos Islands

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The Galápagos Islands are a popular destination for many travelers looking for a vacation filled with adventure. Located roughly 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, the Galápagos Islands are considered one of the world’s best destinations for wildlife viewing. The vast, isolated islands are home to various plants and animal species found nowhere else in the world, protected in the Galápagos National Park and the Galápagos Marine Reserve. From its diverse wildlife to gorgeous white sand beaches, exploring volcanoes to experiencing a rich city life — the Galápagos Islands certainly have something for everyone.

1. See the Wildlife at Tortuga Bay

The gorgeous white sand beaches of Tortuga Bay are perfect for those looking to spot unique wildlife. Visit the southern coastline in January or February, and you may be able to witness black turtles laying their eggs. If you’re visiting in April or May, you might be able to spot the newly hatched turtles venturing into the sea. This gorgeous area is also home to other wildlife such as iguanas and Sally Lightfoot crabs.

2. Learn About Giant Tortoises at Rancho Primicias & El Chato

If you’re interested in seeing the giant tortoises that the Galápagos Islands are famous for, Rancho Primicias is the go-to destination! This animal sanctuary is filled with these gorgeous creatures, and there are plenty of opportunities to take photos. There are also lava tunnels throughout the sanctuary that are fun for visitors to explore. El Chato Tortoise Reserve is situated close to Rancho Primicias if you want to spend even more time with the giant tortoises. This area has been beautifully preserved and maintained to protect these endangered species and their environment.

3. Spot Sea Lions on La Loberia

Visit La Loberia to see swarms of sea lions make their home on this beach in addition to other wildlife such as iguanas, frigates, lava lizards, and more! La Loberia also has optimal conditions for surfing, snorkeling, and swimming when you’re ready to catch some waves.

4. Experience Puerto Ayora’s City Life

The lively city of Puerto Ayora is the perfect place to unwind after a long day at the beach or adventuring through the islands. Delicious restaurants, bustling shops, and fun nightclubs fill the city, providing something for every visitor to do. While you’re there, check out the Santa Cruz fish market and the Charles Darwin Research Station, both of which are favorite destinations for many tourists.

5. Explore Puerto Villamil

There are many different sights to see around the small town of Puerto Villamil. It’s a convenient place to stay if you want to see pink flamingos, hike the Sierra Negra Volcano, or experience beautiful white sand beaches. It’s also an excellent place for biking or snorkeling and provides a unique experience for those keen on outdoor adventures.

6. Check out Kicker Rock

Located on San Cristobal Island, this 460-foot tall rock formation is a must-see while in the Galápagos. It’s a great photo op that’s close to fantastic surfing beaches. The nearby town of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno has many delicious local restaurants and quaint shops when you need to relax after a day of exploration.

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